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Selasa, 28 Oktober 2008

The Mother Mosque Of America

Dr. Thomas B. Irving (left) and Imam Taha Tawil (right) welcome you

The Imam Message
All Praise is due to God Alone, we Praise Him and Ask for his help and guidance. I bear witness "there is no god but Allah Alone, and I bear witness that Muhammad is his last Prophet and Messenger."

Assalamu'alay-kum (Peace be upon you!).

Welcome to our newborn Mother Mosque with its renovations and restoration, which sparks new openness in the history of Cedar Rapids, with new understanding and leadership. Our revived Mother Mosque serves as a symbol of the roots of Islam in North America and especially in the State of Iowa.

The Mother Mosque is in IOWA, the hearthland of America, Cedar Rapids, Iowa where hospitality, generousity, and tolerance is well known facts... From fields of tulips...to the field of dreams...From covered bridges....to covered wagon...From America's castles...to classic barns...From fields of corns...to Quacker Oat...From Czech Museum..to the Mother Mosque of America...IOWA welcomes you.

The Mother Mosque stands today as a piece of American history, monument, and a landmark; it also symbolize a new openness, as it opens its doors to all those who are seeking knowledge about Islam and Muslims, about the Arab world and its culture, or general information about the Middle East.

On behalf of the Mother Mosque, we welcome all of you to come and explore not only IOWA the heartland of America, but also the first mosque that was built for Muslims in America. We hope that you can visit us or call upon us for all your spiritual and intellectual needs.

Imam Taha A. Tawil.

Refer to http://www.mothermosque.org/

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